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BBG Communications, Inc. forms partnerships with a wide range of retail establishments to increase or enhance product lines to customers, while ensuring a monthly revenue stream to the business.

BBG offers the following core products and services to retail establishments:

1. Broadband Kiosks
2. Pre-Paid Card Services
3. Public Telephony
4. Card Vending Machines

Retail Sector: Broadband Kiosks

There is growing demand from both business and recreational users for wider and more continual access to the internet, email and instant messaging. To meet this demand, businesses need to find ways to provide constant access, wider presence and broader coverage. BBG Communications, Inc. provides internet terminals with integrated wireless hotspots to public venues such as airports, hotels and marinas. BBG's Internet Kiosks deliver critical applications to mobile professionals and recreational users, while allowing companies to benefit from the rapidly spreading use of these technologies. BBG's Kiosks present users with an exciting suite of pay-per-use features perfectly suited to the needs of business and leisure travelers. Business owners share in the revenue generated every time one of these features is used.

Retail Sector: Pre-Paid Card Services

Calling cards are now ubiquitous, as they are widely available in convenience stores, vending machines and coffee shops. The prepaid international phone card has become the preferred option for callers placing domestic and international calls, edging out collect calling and coin pay phones. BBG operates a licensed international long-distance network, with a focus on developing and distributing telephony products, such as pre-paid telephone cards, for the North American market.

Travelers purchase Pre-Paid Calling Cards to avoid high roaming charges and expensive long distance tariffs. The pre-paid platforms provided by BBG are an answer to this increasing demand for alternative telephony services. BBG pre-paid platforms are not only among the most advanced, they are available virtually everywhere. Our flat organizational scheme provides optimum product and business flexibility. BBG provides an efficient and effective solution to telephony needs.

Retail Sector: Public Telephony

BBG Communications, Inc. forms partnerships to provide phone service in under-served zones such as tourism hotspots. The large telecommunications companies are not generally interested in investing in this high-traffic market. BBG is able to fill this gap through our vast network of agents. BBG is responsible for maintaining phones so that they continue to satisfy the needs of the consumer.

Retail Sector: Card Vending Machines

Not every business is familiar with the prepaid phone card industry. BBG helps businesses to devise the best revenue generating strategy for their needs and scale. BBG works with micro, small, medium and large firms.

BBG works with businesses to identify appropriate marketing strategies, competitive pricing on prepaid calling cards, prepaid phone card platforms, rebates, sales support material, customer service, and the suitable type of phone card vending machine.

Businesses can choose from a wide range of vending machines, such as single vendors, double vendors, triple vendors, wall-mount vendors, phone-booth vendors, counter top and non-attendant vendors. We also provide sales support in the form of phone card banners and posters and neon signs. We have a graphics team available to design personalized materials that suit the specific needs of your business.