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Industry Leader

BBG Communications, Inc. is the industry leader in Operator Assisted Services. We offer the most comprehensive billing and collection services available in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We cover about 100,000 hotel guest rooms. In addition, we provide interconnect and billing arrangements that allow us to directly carry and deliver telecommunications traffic and to bill customers in most countries with credit card transactions, including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Japan and the UK.

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The telecommunications industry currently places restrictions on hotel guests by not allowing them to make long distance credit card and collect calls to countries other than their own country. At BBG Communications, Inc., we understand the frustration that guests experience due to these restrictive practices. We put top priority on the convenience of hotel guests and offer an alternative.

We examine the consequences of foregone earnings to hotels and provide an alternative set-up. Through BBG Communications, Inc., hotel guests are able to use BBG operators as a gateway when placing calls from toll free numbers, and when making collect calls (reverse charge) and third party connections. BBG operators facilitate and process the credit card transactions and help alleviate hotel guestsâ?? frustration by providing smooth and efficient telecommunications services.

Value-Added Services

Our company acts as carriers delivering internal and external communications. Our value-added services include internet access, video/data transmission and private networks. We can offer your company an advantage when it comes to maximizing profitability in person-to-person calls. BBG has an advanced system of billing and collection.

Future Growth

In addition to generating revenues from our existing customer base, BBG is expanding into promising markets that offer additional revenue streams. We are forging joint venture agreements that ensure complementary relationships with our partners. We provide our own resources to partners who otherwise would lack the financial resources, marketing know-how, or the right network to optimize their potential.