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Hospitality Sector

BBG Communications, Inc. provides telecommunication services to hotels of any scale, either through partnerships or client relationships. The benefits include improved services to hotel guests and a reliable monthly revenue stream for hotel businesses.

We offer these core products and services to hotels:

1. Operator Assisted Services
2. Pre-Paid Card Services
3. Lobby Phones
4. Broadband Kiosks
5. Consulting Services

At BBG Communications, Inc. our goal is to fulfill the telecommunication needs of today??s pragmatic international tourist while providing a revenue stream to hotel clients. We do this by operating easy-to-use dialing systems that provide multiple billing options for guests. At the same time, we provide a positive cash flow for our business clients. BBG offers hotel businesses a cost-free, turnkey solution that shows direct bottom-line benefits.

Hospitality Sector: Operator Assisted Calls

Hotel guests feel frustrated when they face restrictions on placing long distance collect and credit card calls to countries other than their home country. These restrictions enforced by the largest telecommunications service providers also prevent hotels from receiving revenue from such call transactions.

BBG Communications, Inc. provides hotel guests with the convenient option of placing a toll free call to a BBG operator who will process the calls. BBG operators will facilitate credit card, calling card, collect call (reverse charge), and third party charge calls.

An OAS alliance offers potential revenue generation.

When hotels retain the services of BBG Communications, Inc., they are allowed to handle every Operator Assisted Call and share in the revenue generated from these calls. BBG Communications, Inc. bears all responsibilities related to marketing, programming and collection. Our contracts do not require a guaranteed revenue threshold. Hotels receive monthly commissions from the billable revenue.

Thanks to the following benefits BBG offers, we are now the leading OAS provider in the industry:

1. You can expect increased revenues from international operator assisted calling.

2. There is no cost to your business; BBG assumes all associated costs.

3. You will not run any risks; BBG guarantees user??s satisfaction and bears all responsibility for the calls.

4. You will never accumulate bad debts or uncollectibles because all responsibilities relating to billing and collection of calls are assumed by BBG.

5. BBG operates local and regional offices to ensure dedicated customer service.

6. BBG employs 500 live operators; operators are ready to serve customers in any language.

7. We offer extensive billing capability options in the market for the end user.

8. BBG creates, implements and disseminates all Guest Dialing Materials while bearing the marketing and operating costs.

Hospitality Sector: Pre-Paid Cards

BBG operates a licensed international long-distance network and is focused on the development and distribution of telephony products. One of our premier products is pre-paid telephone cards for the North American market, including United States, Canada and Mexico.

A growing number of tourists and other travelers prefer to purchase Pre-Paid Calling Cards in order to avoid high roaming charges and costly long distance tariffs. BBG has responded to the demand for alternative telephony services with our pre-paid platforms. BBG??s pre-paid options are among the most advanced in the world and are available almost everywhere. Our flat organizational scheme provides maximum product and business flexibility. BBG provides hotels with a risk-free, cost-free, turnkey solution.

Hospitality Sector: Lobby Phones

In addition to benefitting from BBG??s OAS platform, hotels can choose to install payphones in their lobbies and business centers, while using us as carrier. Many hotel guests prefer to use phones in the general hotel facility rather than in their hotel room. Lobby phones not only improve quality of service to guests, but with BBG Communications, Inc. the hotel will benefit from the increased revenue stream.

Hospitality Sector: Broadband Kiosks

Increasingly, travelers are demanding continual access to the internet, email and instant messaging. Businesses are challenged to provide greater coverage to users of these technologies. BBG is responding by providing public-venue internet terminals with integrated wireless hotspots to deliver these applications to mobile professional and recreational users. As new technologies become essential for both business and recreation, BBG's Internet Kiosks are an exciting solution. Users are presented with a suite of pay-per-use features suited to the needs of business and leisure travelers. Businesses benefit by sharing in the revenues generated from the use of these kiosks.

Hospitality Sector: Consulting Services

BBG??s consulting team is highly skilled and experienced at providing hotels and other enterprises with comprehensive audits of their existing telecommunications operations. The audit process includes feedback and recommendations for improvement in both revenue generation and level of services.

BBG??s audit process is risk- and commitment-free. At the conclusion of the audit process, the BBG consulting team will present a range of options to the company. Recommendations will be aimed at streamlining processes, reducing costs, and optimizing profit levels for your company. Our consulting services are a must for any hotel.