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Airport Sector

BBG Communications, Inc. partners with airports and money exchange establishments to enhance the available options for customers and provide a predictable monthly revenue stream to your business.

BBG offers the following core products and services to its partners:

1. Operator Assisted Services
2. Pre-Paid Card Services
3. Card Vending Machines

Airport Sector: Operator Assisted Services

When using airport telephones, callers face restrictions when placing long distance, collect and credit card calls to countries other than their home country. Not only does this result in frustrated callers, but airports forego the opportunity to receive revenue from call transactions.

BBG Communications, Inc. is able to provide guests with the opportunity to call toll free to a BBG operator who acts as a gateway to credit card calls, collect calls (reverse charge), calling card or third party calls. The BBG operator processes the charges, while providing a revenue stream to the airport.

Airports that form partnerships with BBG Communications, Inc. can handle Operator Assisted Calls and share in the significant revenue generated from OAS. We at BBG Communications, Inc. do not require a guaranteed revenue threshold in our partnership contracts. BBG Communications, Inc. bears all responsibility for programming, marketing and collection. Airports receive monthly commissions from the billable revenue.

Airport Sector: Pre-Paid Card Services

BBG Communications, Inc. is a licensed international long-distance network. BBG is able to distribute pre-paid telephone cards in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We deal in a variety of other telephony products as well.

Pre-Paid Calling Cards are in high demand from travelers due to the benefit of saving on roaming charges and long distance tariffs. The increasing popularity of alternative telephony services has boosted demand in recent years.

BBG??s pre-paid platforms are the most advanced offered anywhere. Accessibility, combined with our flat organizational scheme, ensures maximum business and product flexibility. Our partnerships provide businesses with an efficient and effective turnkey solution.

Airport Sector: Card Vending Machines

BBG works with micro, small, medium and large-sized businesses to devise reliable, revenue generating strategies suitable for their scale. Not everyone is up-to-date on the pre-paid calling card option. BBG has the experience to develop the best marketing strategies, competitive pricing structure, sales support material and rebates for each business. BBG provides excellent customer service.

BBG knows the type of phone card vending machine that a particular business should use and can provide a wide range of options: single vendors, double vendors, triple vendors, phone-booth vendors, wall-mount vendors and counter top & non-attendant vendors. Our sales support services include provision of phone card banners, phone card posters and neon signs ?? everything necessary. We have graphic designers on staff who can personalize equipment to suit the requirements of your business.

We have a growing number of partnerships with a wide variety of retail establishments that increase or complement our product lines while providing you a regular monthly revenue stream.